What Are My Options for Facial Bone Contouring?

What Are My Options for Facial Bone Contouring?


While many aesthetic procedures focus on manipulating soft tissues like skin and muscle, facial bone contouring offers targeted changes to the facial skeleton. These surgeries have gained significant attention, particularly in Asian countries and amongst Asian patients globally, 

Whether you are considering altering your jawline, chin or cheekbones, the goal of bone contouring is to create facial proportions that are harmonious and balanced. Below, we explore the various options available for facial bone contouring to help you decide which procedure may be most suitable for your needs.

The Basics of Facial Bone Contouring

Facial bone contouring is a complex and highly individualised area of plastic surgery. Altering the underlying bone structure of the face can create dramatic cosmetic changes, as it modifies the foundation upon which the soft tissue rests. When done skillfully, it maintains functionality and a balanced look. Accomplishing this demands not only technical skill from the surgeon but also immense understanding of aesthetic principles. 

Everyone’s skeletal structure is unique, which necessitates a tailored approach to surgery. At Asian Plastic Surgery, our specialist plastic surgeons employ advanced planning and surgical methods to ensure each procedure is customised to the anatomical features and aesthetic preferences of our Asian patients. These techniques are designed to respect your cultural identity while enhancing facial congruity.

Facial Bone Contouring Options at Asian Plastic Surgery

V-Line Surgery

In many Asian countries, a slim, delicate facial shape with a soft jawline is considered desirable. V-line surgery achieves this through a combination of chin and jaw surgery. During the procedure, bone is filed down and a portion of bone is removed to give the lower face a more slender shape. All incisions are made inside the mouth so there is no external scarring.

With V-line surgery, it’s possible to:

  • Soften a square or angular jaw
  • Reduce the width of the jaw
  • Create a sharper lower face profile
  • Refine a large chin 
  • Create a sleeker, softer face shape
  • Reduce asymmetries

Double Jaw Surgery

Double jaw surgery, also known as bimaxillary osteotomy or two-jaw surgery, aims to correct both functional and aesthetic issues related to the upper and lower jaws. This surgery enhances the harmony between the mid-face and the lower face by reshaping, resizing or repositioning the upper and lower jaws in relation to one another.

With double jaw surgery, it’s possible to:

  • Correct a gummy smile
  • Adjust a protruding or receded jaw
  • Soften a jutting chin
  • Correct a protruding mouth
  • Reduce asymmetries
  • Address functional issues such as malocclusion, underbite, overbite or open bite

Jawline Reshaping

Jawline reshaping can either soften or strengthen the outline of the face. Individuals of Asian descent often have a prominent, square or rectangular jawline and a flat mid-face. Together, these features may make the lower face appear bulky, while beauty preferences in many Asian societies favour a daintier, slimmer look with a round or oval face shape. 

With jawline reshaping surgery, it’s possible to:

  • Improve facial symmetry
  • Soften the jaw angle
  • Refine a protruding chin
  • Augment a weak chin
  • Create a more tapered chin shape
  • Narrow facial width
  • Create a more oval or heart-shaped face

Genioplasty (Chin Surgery)

Genioplasty, or chin surgery, alters the size, position and/or projection of the chin. Genioplasty can bring depth and three-dimensionality to the face, as well as improve the aesthetic balance between facial features. 

With genioplasty, it’s possible to:

  • Build up a weak or receding chin
  • Reduce an overly protruding chin
  • Taper the chin shape
  • Reduce chin asymmetry
  • Enhance facial symmetry
  • Create a more oval or heart-shaped face

Cheekbone Adjustments

Cheekbone adjustments include both augmentation and reduction. Cheekbone augmentation heightens and defines the cheekbones with an implant or demineralised bone allograft. Cheekbone reduction minimises overly prominent cheekbones using a combination of bone shaving and bone cutting techniques, creating a softer facial profile.

With cheekbone surgery, it’s possible to:

  • Increase the prominence of the cheekbones
  • Create a more chiselled look
  • Counter mid-face volume loss due to ageing
  • Minimise oversized or overly prominent cheekbones
  • Create a softer, more subtle facial contour
  • Reduce the width of the mid-face
  • Balance the mid-face with the forehead and jawline

Facial Implants

Facial implants are typically made of medical-grade, tissue-compatible materials such as silicone. These implants come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit a range of needs, and can even be custom-made when required. The most common areas to enhance with facial implants are the cheeks, chin and jaw.

With facial implants, it’s possible to:

  • Augment the cheekbones
  • Give more definition to a flat mid-face
  • Create an oval or heart-shaped facial profile
  • Enhance the shape or size of the chin
  • Create a stronger or more angular jawline, particularly for male patients

Factors to Consider Before Opting for a Procedure

Before taking the leap into any form of cosmetic surgery, there are factors to consider that can significantly impact your experience and results. 

A consultation is critical. Meeting with a qualified specialist plastic surgeon gives you access to professional medical advice tailored specifically to you. This is your opportunity to receive a personalised treatment plan and to learn about the procedure, recovery, risks and potential outcomes.

Be clear about what you hope to achieve and listen carefully to what the surgeon says is realistically possible. Understand that some procedures may require a long recovery period or multiple operations to achieve the desired results. Recognise that every procedure has risks and potential complications. Knowing what these are, and how they are mitigated and managed, helps you to make a balanced, informed decision.

Explore Your Options for Facial Bone Contouring

If you're ready to learn more about your options for facial bone contouring, please use our enquiry form or call us on (02) 8962 9388 to book a consultation at Asian Plastic Surgery in Sydney. Our team is devoted to serving the aesthetic needs of the Asian community with expertise, safety and cultural understanding.

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