Asian Rhinoplasty

Asian Rhinoplasty

Asian Rhinoplasty

Overview of Asian Rhinoplasty

The nose is one of the most distinctive features of the human face. Many noses have a unique structure or shape that reveals a person’s ethnic background. As plastic surgery's popularity continues to grow globally, surgeons must devote more attention to patients' ethnic variations, both aesthetically and anatomically, to achieve natural and elegant rhinoplasty results

There are several notable differences in anatomy and aesthetic preferences that influence the preferred techniques and outcomes of Asian nose surgery. Anatomically, the Asian nose often has a lower and flatter bridge, a short and wide nasal tip, weak underlying cartilage and thicker skin. Common complaints are that the nose is poorly defined, too flat, too wide or too short. Aesthetically, Asian patients often desire an elegant, discreet and natural look that improves facial harmony and retains their unique Asian beauty.

Dr Ellis Choy, a leading specialist plastic surgeon in Sydney, believes firmly that any rhinoplasty procedure must be tailored to the patient’s specific anatomy and goals. Many Asian patients choose Dr Choy for rhinoplasty due to his knowledge of Asian plastic surgery and cultural sensitivity in his approach to surgery. Selecting a surgeon who is proficient in the special considerations that apply to Asian rhinoplasty is critical for achieving a subtle and beautiful result.

Benefits of Asian Rhinoplasty

There are numerous reasons to undergo nose surgery. Common desires of Asian rhinoplasty patients include:

  • Augmenting the structure of the nasal dorsum
  • Increasing the projection of the nose
  • Refining the nasal tip
  • Thinning the nasal bridge
  • Thinning the nasal bridge
  • Altering the angle between the nasal tip and upper lip
  • Adjusting the shape or width of the nostrils
  • Improving overall facial balance and harmony

Additional reasons to consider nose surgery include reducing snoring, improving breathing, correcting damage from an injury or refining the results of a previous rhinoplasty.

All candidates for Asian rhinoplasty in Sydney must be physically healthy and have realistic expectations regarding what can be achieved with surgery. Dr Choy will evaluate your candidacy for a rhinoplasty procedure during a private consultation.

What to Expect

The first step of an Asian rhinoplasty procedure is a consultation with Dr Choy. During this initial meeting, he will assess your anatomy, medical history and goals to create a personalised surgical plan. He may recommend complementary procedures that will help you achieve your desired outcome. Use this time to communicate your questions and concerns and learn about the procedure so you feel completely at ease heading into surgery.

Asian rhinoplasty is an inpatient procedure performed under general anaesthesia. Many different techniques may be utilised, depending on your goals. Before your procedure, Dr Choy will gauge which technique best suits your needs and will help you achieve an attractive result.

Recovery from Asian rhinoplasty takes several weeks. There is some expected discomfort in the first few days, which is managed with prescription pain relief. Bruising and swelling decline noticeably within the first two weeks. Many patients find they are comfortable returning to work and social engagements after these two weeks have passed. Others prefer a longer recovery if their schedule allows.

Full results emerge gradually. Because cartilage is slow to heal and settle into its final shape, you may continue to notice changes in your nose’s appearance for six months to a year after your surgery.

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Dr Ellis Choy is an Australian trained, fully qualified Specialist Plastic Surgeon. He specialises in a wide range of Asian Plastic Surgery procedures involving the face, breast and body works. As an Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon, Dr Choy helps his patients achieve life-changing transformation via personal enhancement.

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A proportionate and shapely nose is the focal point for the face. Australian-trained specialist plastic surgeon Dr. Ellis Choy uses his extensive expertise in Asian cosmetic surgery to provide rhinoplasty results that flatter and celebrate Asian facial features. Being of Asian heritage himself, Dr. Choy has personal knowledge of Asian anatomy and is uniquely qualified to understand the concerns of his Asian patients. Patients from all over Australia travel to Sydney for Dr. Choy’s proficiency in Asian plastic surgery.

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