Overview of MyEllevate

Overview of MyEllevate

As we age, skin laxity and sagging in the neck and jawline area are inevitable. MyEllevate, an innovative minimally invasive neck suspension procedure, has been designed to address these changes without requiring invasive surgery.

Utilising a sophisticated suture system to support the underlying neck muscles and glands, MyEllevate can bring a natural-looking lift to the neck area. At the heart of the MyEllevate technique is respect for the patient's natural anatomy and individual ageing process. For our Asian clients, who often favour subtle cosmetic work and minimal visible scarring, this procedure may be an attractive alternative to traditional neck lift surgery.

At Asian Plastic Surgery, our soft tissue-focused specialist plastic surgeon, Dr Ellis Choy, has been specially trained in the MyEllevate procedure. Our early adoption of this innovative approach reflects our dedication to providing our patients with the latest advancements in aesthetic medicine.

Benefits of MyEllevate

MyEllevate offers a variety of benefits that can enhance your neck and jawline. This procedure might be an option for you if:

  • You're noticing sagging or looseness in your neck skin
  • You desire a more defined jawline
  • You're experiencing changing neck contours due to ageing
  • You're seeking a less invasive alternative to a traditional neck lift
  • You prefer a natural look with minimal visible scarring
  • You have moderate signs of ageing in the neck area that don't warrant extensive surgical intervention

Remember, every patient's anatomy and cosmetic goals are unique, so discussing your specific desires and expectations with your surgeon during your consultation is crucial.

What to Expect From MyEllevate

Your MyEllevate journey begins with an informative consultation at our Sydney clinic. Your APS surgeon, well-versed in the unique anatomical considerations of Asian patients, will take the time to understand your aesthetic goals and explain the procedure in detail. This in-depth discussion is designed to ensure you're equipped with the knowledge necessary to make an informed decision about your treatment plan.

To perform the procedure, your surgeon will administer local anaesthesia, then create small punctures and insert the specialised illuminated suture rod. Next, your surgeon will use the suture rod to create a channel underneath the skin. Once the channel is created, your surgeon will place a non-absorbable suture through the suture rod and pass it through the underlying muscles and soft tissues. To complete the procedure, your surgeon will gently tighten the suture to lift the tissues and close the entry points with medical adhesive.

Recovery from the MyEllevate procedure tends to be faster and more comfortable than recovery from an invasive neck lift procedure, largely due to the absence of major incisions or drains. There may be minor bruising and swelling, but these are temporary and typically resolve rapidly. The majority of our patients find they can return to their routine activities within a few days post-procedure.

As your recovery progresses, you will begin to see the final results of your MyEllevate procedure — a more defined jawline and a smoother neck contour. There is little tangible scarring thanks to the small entry points needed to perform the procedure. Our focus at APS is to deliver results that are not just aesthetically pleasing but also blend harmoniously with your overall appearance and respect your cultural aesthetics and personal preferences.


There is no one-size-fits-all approach for aesthetic procedures. That is why we offer both MyEllevate and traditional surgical neck lift procedures at Asian Plastic Surgery. We will help you understand your options so you can decide which suits your individual needs and goals.

MyEllevate is a minimally invasive procedure performed under local anaesthesia with no need for extended incisions or the use of drains during recovery. This leads to reduced risk, less downtime and minimised scarring compared to a standard surgical neck lift. The results tend to look quite natural, never overly pulled or obvious.

A traditional neck lift is a more invasive surgical procedure performed under general anaesthesia. The incisions typically start around the sideburn level in the hairline, continue around the ear and end at the back of the head, with a possible additional incision under the chin. This approach allows the surgeon to make extensive adjustments for patients further into the ageing process. So, while the surgical neck lift carries with it increased risk, discomfort, scarring and a longer recovery period, it also provides a more substantial degree of change.

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Dr Ellis Choy is an Australian trained, fully qualified Specialist Plastic Surgeon. He specialises in a wide range of Asian Plastic Surgery procedures involving the face, breast and body works. As an Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon, Dr Choy helps his patients achieve life-changing transformation via personal enhancement.

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If MyEllevate feels like the right choice for your aesthetic goals, or if you're still weighing your options and would like to explore more, please get in touch. We invite you to schedule a personal consultation with Dr Choy at our Sydney clinic. This will be an excellent opportunity for you to learn more about the procedure, discuss your aesthetic goals, and gain a better understanding of what to expect from the MyEllevate procedure.

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