Asian Breast Augmentation

Asian Breast Augmentation

Asian Breast Augmentation

Overview of Asian Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is a popular cosmetic surgery among Asian patients who wish to enhance their feminine proportions. Although Asian women’s bodies come in varied shapes and sizes, there are common characteristics that affect the ideal approach for Asian breast augmentation. Asian patients often express a desire for breast implants that suit a petite figure and produce a natural-looking result. Achieving this outcome requires that the procedure is carefully personalised to complement each patient’s physique and meet her goals.

For Asian patients, the process for breast augmentation surgery may differ from that used for Western women. There are key differences worth knowing, many of which are born from the increase in considerations that breast enhancement carries for Asian patients.

Many patients seek out the expertise of Asian Plastic Surgery for Asian breast implants. Our team includes some of Sydney’s leading plastic surgeons, who have extensive experience performing breast augmentation surgery on Asian women with beautiful results. Our approach to Asian plastic surgery combines an understanding of the unique features of Asian anatomy with an awareness of the aesthetic preferences of Asian patients.

Benefits of Asian Breast Augmentation

There are many reasons you may decide to undergo a breast augmentation procedure. This solution may be a good fit for you if:

  • You lack natural breast shape and volume
  • You desire breasts that are more in proportion with your frame
  • You wish to improve the proportions between your areolas and breasts
  • You’re tired of wearing padded bras and swimsuits

No matter what your personal motivation is for selecting this type of breast surgery, your plastic surgeon will work with you to achieve the aesthetics you’re envisioning. We invite you to book a consultation at Asian Plastic Surgery to discuss your requirements for Asian breast augmentation surgery.

What to Expect From Breast Augmentation

Your breast augmentation journey will begin with a consultation. Your surgeon will walk you through the process, ensuring you have access to the right information to help you understand the procedure and make informed decisions. This is a session for discussion and advice ahead of the procedure to help put your mind at ease. Our objective is for you to leave the clinic following your consultation with a firm understanding of what you can expect before, during and after your Asian breast augmentation.

Asian breast augmentation is an inpatient procedure performed under general anaesthesia. Our surgeons and medical staff have considerable experience with breast augmentation for Asian patients, allowing them to determine the best methods and options for your needs. Your surgeon will identify the most appropriate approach to deliver a seamless result aimed at meeting your aesthetic goals while minimising the potential for visible scarring.

Following the procedure, you will receive a thorough outpatient briefing. This briefing will include the recommended aftercare measures and information regarding what you can expect in the coming days and weeks. You will be advised to wear a special surgical support bra and avoid activities that may strain the chest area. There will be some initial swelling and discomfort. You should resume work, exercise and other activities at a slow and conscientious pace to achieve a satisfactory recovery and optimal results.

Your new breasts may be abnormally firm and high at first. They will return to a more natural state as your recovery progresses. The appearance of the scars will steadily improve with time, fading to a colour that’s similar to your natural skin tone.

Breast Implant Types

While your surgeon will discuss the most suitable breast implant options for you as a patient, it’s valuable to understand the different types of implants available in modern procedures.

Silicone implants contain a high-quality silicone gel, which creates a result that looks and feels quite natural. Some patients prefer the ‘flesh-like’ feel these implants provide. However, silicone implants often require a longer incision to present an effective route for the surgeon.

Saline breast implants contain IV fluids. Some women feel that saline implants do not always give as natural a look as silicone implants, but they can still be the preferred option for women who are concerned about scarring. The incision used to place saline implants is often smaller than that required for silicone types.

For Asian patients who are flat-chested, the surgeon may recommend silicone teardrop-shaped implants that can create shape and volume when little or none is existing. Patients with some existing shape and volume may achieve a good result with silicone or saline round implants.

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Asian Breast Augmentation

Procedure performed by

Dr Ellis Choy

Specialist plastic Surgeon

Dr Ellis Choy is an Australian trained, fully qualified Specialist Plastic Surgeon. He specialises in a wide range of Asian Plastic Surgery procedures involving the face, breast and body works. As an Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon, Dr Choy helps his patients achieve life-changing transformation via personal enhancement.

American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons
Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons
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