Asian Neck Lift

Asian Neck Lift

Overview of Asian Neck Lift Surgery

Overview of Asian Neck Lift Surgery

All parts of our bodies change over time, including our necks. As we grow older, we may notice the skin around our neck beginning to loosen or vertical neck bands becoming prominent. Some of us develop less definition around our jawlines or accumulate volume under our chins. These changes are caused by factors such as gravity, reduced skin elasticity and shifts in fat distribution.

An Asian neck lift is a surgical procedure designed to address these changes. By tightening the skin and muscle in the area, a neck lift can produce a smoother, tighter-looking neck and a more defined jawline. We meticulously tailor our Asian neck lift procedures to complement the facial structure, skin type and personal preferences of our Asian patients.

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Benefits of Asian Neck Lift Surgery

Asian neck lift surgery can achieve a variety of aesthetic goals related to the neck and lower face:

  • Tightening of loose skin and removal of excess skin
  • Improvement of jawline contours by reducing jowls
  • Reduction of accumulated fat in the neck or under the chin
  • Changing the visual balance of features in the face and neck
  • Correction of platysma muscle banding

While outcomes vary from patient to patient, our aim is to create results that respect your ethnic background and cultural preferences and age well with you.

What to Expect From Asian Neck Lift Surgery

At APS, we pride ourselves on crafting personalised treatment plans. This starts with your consultation. In this initial appointment, we will conduct an in-depth assessment of your neck's anatomy, skin elasticity and any signs of ageing. We will also discuss your overall health status and medical history. The purpose of this meeting is to evaluate your suitability for a neck lift.

An Asian neck lift is typically performed under general anaesthesia and lasts a few hours. The operation begins with the creation of incisions, usually placed within the natural contours of the ear and hairline. The surgeon then adjusts the tissues of the neck and redrapes the skin. The surgery ends with the closure of incisions and application of a supportive bandage to aid healing and minimise swelling.

Recovery experiences can vary significantly from one person to another due to a multitude of factors. These include the specifics of your procedure, your body’s natural healing process, individual health conditions, age, lifestyle, skin quality and adherence to aftercare instructions.

This variability means that while we can provide general guidelines and average recovery timelines, your personal experience may differ. This information about neck lift recovery is a general overview and should not replace the personalised guidance you will receive during your consultations and postoperative care.

Key Recovery Expectations

Initial Downtime: 1-2 weeks
Full Recovery: 6-8 weeks
What to Expect: swelling, bruising, tightness, tingling, numbness, discomfort around the surgical areas
Activity: light activities can be resumed within 1 week; avoid strenuous activities and heavy lifting for at least 4 weeks
Medications: pain management, anti-nausea medications and antibiotics may be prescribed; take medications as directed by your doctor
Aftercare: keep your head elevated, even while sleeping; avoid turning your neck excessively or putting pressure on your neck
Sleeping: sleep with your head elevated and avoid sleeping on your side to prevent putting pressure on your face
Garments: a supportive chin strap or bandage may be worn to reduce swelling
Incisions: sutures will be removed or dissolve within 1-2 weeks
Scars: scars are generally hidden under the chin and in the hairline; they can take 12-18 months to mature fully; keep scars protected from sun exposure for at least 12 months

Recovery from neck lift surgery requires time, rest and adherence to your surgeon's aftercare instructions. Immediately following the procedure, you will experience discomfort, swelling and bruising. You should take any prescribed medications as directed and rest with your head elevated to reduce swelling. For several weeks, avoid strenuous activities, direct sun exposure and anything that might put pressure on your neck.

The outcome of the procedure will become evident as swelling and bruising subside. Most of our patients feel comfortable returning to non-strenuous activities and work within two weeks. However, everyone's healing process is unique, and it's crucial to listen to your body and not rush your recovery.

The longevity of neck lift surgery varies based on individual factors such as genetics, lifestyle and skincare regimen, but many of our patients enjoy their results for years. It's important to remember that while a neck lift can change your appearance, it does not halt the natural ageing process. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and good skin care practices are crucial to preserve your results.


Depending on the individual’s goals, an Asian neck lift procedure can target up to three components of the neck:


After incisions are made, loose skin is excised. The remaining skin is then pulled upwards and backwards and sutured into place. This technique not only removes the lax skin but also redrapes the remaining skin over the neck's newly adjusted contour, resulting in a smoother and firmer neckline.


The platysma is a thin, sheet-like muscle that runs vertically along each side of the neck. As we age, these muscles can separate and create vertical banding or a "turkey neck" appearance. This can be addressed with a technique known as platysmaplasty, in which the muscles are realigned and sutured together.


Fat present in the neck, along the jawline and beneath the chin may be reduced with liposuction. During this process, a small incision is made, and a thin instrument called a cannula is used to dislodge and suction out the fat deposits. This can help increase the definition of the jawline and create a more distinct angle between the neck and the chin.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What kind of anaesthesia is used during a neck lift?

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Making an Informed Decision

Undergoing plastic surgery is a significant decision that should be made only after careful consideration of all aspects involved, including the potential risks and complications. 

General Risks and Complications

There are general risks and complications that apply to most plastic surgery procedures. These are discussed in detail on our Risks and Complications page.

Specific Risks and Complications

In addition to those that apply generally to plastic surgery, each individual procedure comes with its own specific risks and complications. For Asian neck lift surgery, these include: 

  • Noticeable scarring
  • Weakness of the lower lip due to nerve injury
  • Overly tightened or pulled appearance
  • Hair loss at the incision sites
  • Temporary or permanent changes in skin sensation

Next Steps

Request a consultation at Asian Plastic Surgery for a detailed discussion of these considerations. One of our specialist plastic surgeons will conduct a thorough risk assessment based on your individual factors and outline the measures that can be taken to minimise these risks. Our entire team are here to support your decision-making process, providing all the information you need to make well-informed choices about your care.

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