Should I Get Eyelid Surgery or a Brow Lift?

Should I Get Eyelid Surgery or a Brow Lift?


Navigating the world of cosmetic procedures can be complex, especially when it comes to finding the right fit for your unique characteristics and cultural background.

At Asian Plastic Surgery in Sydney, our focus is on facilitating decisions that respect and reflect our patients' identities. We are often asked about the differences between eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) and brow lift surgery, as both procedures centre on the upper facial region, and the distinctions between them are not always clear.

Our team is here to assist you in making an informed decision. We invite you to continue reading as we delve into the benefits, recovery and potential outcomes of both procedures, helping you explore whether eyelid surgery or a brow lift might be right for you.

Understanding Asian Eyelid Surgery

Asian blepharoplasty, commonly known as Asian eyelid surgery or Asian double eyelid surgery, is an aesthetic procedure that reshapes the upper eyelid, creating a crease often referred to as a 'double eyelid'. 

Benefits of Asian Eyelid Surgery

In many East Asian or South East Asian individuals, the upper eyelid does not feature a crease that divides the lid into two sections — a trait commonly known as a 'single eyelid' or 'monolid'. While this trait is natural, some individuals prefer the look of the double eyelid that can be created with blepharoplasty.

Eyelid surgery is also used to soften signs of ageing in the eye region. This type of procedure can be performed on the upper or lower eyelids, or both, to address age-related changes such as loose skin, puffiness in the eyelids or bags underneath the eyes.

The Procedure

Asian eyelid surgery typically takes one to two hours and is an outpatient procedure, allowing you to return home the same day. The choice of anaesthesia is tailored to your preferences and the specific procedure(s) being performed. Surgical techniques vary depending on the purpose of the procedure. 

Recovery and Risks

Recovery from eyelid surgery typically involves some swelling, bruising, irritation or dryness that are managed with medication, cold compresses and ointment. Your head should remain elevated for a few days to minimise swelling. Most patients return to work and daily activities within a week, although strenuous activities, including heavy lifting, should be avoided for about two weeks. 

As with any surgical procedure, eyelid surgery poses certain risks. Potential risks include infection, scarring, difficulty closing eyes, dry or irritated eyes, changes in vision, discolouration of the eyelids, asymmetry and adverse reaction to anaesthesia, as well as a risk of dissatisfaction with cosmetic results.

Longevity and Results 

Final results of Asian eyelid surgery become apparent once all post-operative swelling and bruising have subsided, typically within a few weeks. The outcome and longevity ultimately depend on various factors, including your preferences, your surgeon's approach, your existing eye anatomy and your natural ageing process.

Understanding Asian Brow Lift 

A brow lift is a cosmetic surgery that lifts and smoothes the tissues of the upper face. This procedure primarily affects the forehead, but for some patients, it may also help to reduce sagging skin in the upper eyelids.

Benefits of Asian Brow Lift Surgery 

Brow lift surgery is intended to elevate eyebrows that have sunk to a lower position and minimise forehead creases and frown lines. A brow lift can also provide improved balance for asymmetrical brows and reduce the habitual use of forehead muscles to raise drooping brows.

In some instances, excess skin develops over the upper eyelid due to the descent of the brow. Lifting the brow tissues also lifts the eyelid tissues, giving the eyes a more open appearance.

The Procedure 

Brow lift surgery is performed under general anaesthesia. There are several techniques to choose from, with the decision largely resting on personal factors discussed during the consultation. Two of the most widely used techniques are the temporal approach and the endoscopic approach.

Recovery and Risks 

Post-operative recovery from brow lift surgery generally involves some degree of swelling, bruising and discomfort. These side effects are managed by keeping the head elevated and avoiding strenuous activities. Stitches are typically removed within seven to 10 days, and most patients can return to work and social activities within a similar timeframe.

Potential brow lift complications may include scarring, asymmetry, bleeding, infection, nerve damage and delayed healing. These risks can be mitigated by choosing a qualified and experienced specialist plastic surgeon and diligently adhering to their pre- and post-operative instructions.

Longevity and Results

With the majority of today's brow lift techniques, the scars are relatively short and typically concealed by the hairline. While no procedure can halt the ageing process, brow lifts can provide results that last years, particularly if you maintain a healthy lifestyle and take good care of your skin.

Eyelid Surgery vs. Brow Lift Surgery: Key Differences

While both eyelid surgery and brow lift surgery are designed to rejuvenate the upper face, they serve distinct purposes and address different concerns. 

Asian Eyelid Surgery

  1. Area of Focus: Blepharoplasty focuses specifically on the eyelids. This procedure can address the upper and/or lower eyelids.
  2. Primary Goals: The primary goal of Asian eyelid surgery is to create a crease in the upper eyelid. More generally, blepharoplasty can be used to rejuvenate ageing eyelids.
  3. Impact: The main impact of eyelid surgery is on the appearance of the eyes themselves, making them seem more open or creating a double eyelid where one does not naturally exist.

Asian Brow Lift Surgery

  1. Area of Focus: Brow lift surgery targets the forehead and brow area.
  2. Primary Goals: Brow lifting aims to elevate the brows and smooth out forehead wrinkles. 
  3. Impact: A brow lift can enhance the natural arch and position of the eyebrows and smooth creases in the forehead. It may have the secondary effect of reducing heaviness or hooding of the upper eyelids caused by a drooping brow.

Your surgeon will discuss suitable options based on your unique anatomy and cosmetic goals.

Final Considerations

Before making your decision between eyelid surgery and a brow lift, consider the following points: 

  • Assess your concerns: Try to pinpoint the specific areas of concern. Are you more troubled by drooping eyelids or a sinking brow line? Do you wish to add an eyelid crease, or do you want to reduce deep forehead wrinkles?
  • Consult with a professional: Meeting with a specialist plastic surgeon who understands the nuances of your cultural background can be invaluable. They can assess your facial structure, skin condition and overall health to provide a professional recommendation tailored to your goals.
  • Understand the procedures: Ensure you fully understand what each procedure entails, including the surgical process, risks, recovery time and expected results. Knowledge is power when making an informed decision about your body.
  • Set realistic expectations: While both procedures can offer improvement, it's important to maintain realistic expectations. Surgery can change your natural features, but it won't make you look like someone else or resolve non-cosmetic concerns.
  • Consider your long-term goals: While both procedures can offer long-lasting results, they do not halt the ageing process. Think about how each procedure aligns with your long-term goals and lifestyle.

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At Asian Plastic Surgery, we understand that our patients seek to preserve their individuality and cultural heritage while undertaking aesthetic procedures. As a patient-centred practice, we respect the unique considerations that come with Asian plastic surgery, and we tailor our approach to eyelid and brow lift procedures accordingly. 

Remember, the choice between eyelid surgery and a brow lift is a highly personal one. To learn more about these procedures or book a consultation, contact Asian Plastic Surgery on 02 8962 9388 or fill out our enquiry form today.

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