Neck Rejuvenation Procedures for Asian Patients

Neck Rejuvenation Procedures for Asian Patients


Neck Rejuvenation Procedures for Asian Patients

While the face garners the most attention in discussions about aesthetic procedures, the neck is one of the first areas to exhibit changes as we age. This area is highly susceptible to the ageing process due to a variety of factors, including the thinness of the skin, sun exposure, genetics, excessive screen time and lack of proper skincare.

Here at Asian Plastic Surgery, we hear from a lot of clients who wish to address sagging skin, muscle banding and fat accumulation in the neck region. We offer both surgical and non-surgical options for neck rejuvenation, all of which are tailored to meet the unique needs of our Asian clientele. To gain a better understanding of the best treatment options in your situation, please book in for a consultation.

Understanding the Neck Rejuvenation for Asian Patients

The approach to neck rejuvenation for Asian patients requires a sophisticated understanding of their specific anatomical and aesthetic needs. For example, Asian skin tends to be thicker than Caucasian skin, which helps maintain skin quality through the ageing process, and contains higher levels of melanin, which make it more prone to conditions like hyperpigmentation and keloid scarring. Understanding these subtleties is crucial for achieving desirable results in neck rejuvenation procedures.

Additionally, perceptions of beauty and plastic surgery differ across cultures. For instance, our Asian patients often seek natural-looking enhancements that allow them to undergo aesthetic procedures discreetly. Our team at Asian Plastic Surgery are keenly aware of nuances like these and consider them when planning and executing any procedure.

Surgical Neck Rejuvenation

Neck Lift

The most comprehensive way to address signs of ageing in the neck is through neck lift surgery. This procedure is designed to reduce sagging skin, remove excess fat and tighten the neck muscles for a smoother appearance. 

Given its invasive surgical nature, a neck lift can provide more significant changes and longer-lasting results than non-surgical methods. While this does not appeal to everyone, a neck lift may be the most suitable procedure for those seeking a substantial degree of change.

Minimally-Invasive Neck Rejuvenation


MyEllevate utilises a light-guided suture system to create a supportive matrix under the skin. Once the suture is in place, it acts as an internal "hammock" that lifts and smooths the structures of the neck. 

MyEllevate differs from a traditional neck lift in several key ways. The technique lifts the neck without the need for extensive incisions, tissue removal or general anaesthesia, making it a convenient option for those who cannot afford the downtime or risk associated with a more invasive procedure.

Non-Surgical Neck Rejuvenation

At our partner clinic AF Aesthetics, we specialise in providing non-surgical treatments for patients of Asian heritage.

Thread Lifting

Thread lifting employs thin biocompatible threads, often made of polydioxanone (PDO), that are carefully inserted under the skin. The threads act as a scaffolding structure that holds the skin up and back, thereby producing a subtle lift. Over time, the threads dissolve and their effect fades. 

Although thread lifting does not offer the longevity of a surgical neck lift, it does offer an intermediate solution for those who wish to avoid surgery and minimise downtime and scarring. The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia and typically takes less than an hour.

Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Anti-wrinkle injections are a staple in aesthetic medicine. In the context of neck rejuvenation, these injections can be used to target platysmal bands, the vertical lines of muscle in the neck that often become more visible with age. Relaxing these muscles with anti-wrinkle injections can make the neck appear smoother.

The procedure usually takes about 30 minutes. Results become apparent within a week and can last up to four months, depending on individual factors. Routine treatments are required to extend the effects indefinitely.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers act as volumisers, filling in areas that have depleted over time. For the neck, this treatment can help smooth out fine horizontal lines, also known as "necklace lines" or “tech neck”. Fillers can also enhance the angle between the chin and neck or add definition to the jawline.

The procedure is typically completed in one session lasting less than an hour. Results are visible immediately and can last anywhere from six to 18 months, depending on the type of filler used and individual metabolic rates.


Profound leverages the power of radiofrequency (RF) energy and microneedling to stimulate collagen and elastin production. By encouraging the growth of these vital proteins in the neck, this treatment can help tighten and lift the skin and reduce the appearance of horizontal creases.

Although time off is not required, some patients opt to take a few days of social downtime. Full results are typically visible three to six months post-procedure. A single treatment is often sufficient to achieve results that can last for up to two years. 


Thermage uses RF energy to deliver targeted heating to collagen-rich layers of the skin. This heat triggers the body's natural collagen production process, leading to a tightening and smoothing effect and improved skin texture over time. 

Most patients can return to their regular activities immediately after a Thermage treatment. Results can begin to show in as little as two weeks, with continual improvements observed up to six months post-treatment. The effect of a Thermage treatment can last from one to two years, depending on your skin’s unique ageing process.


Specially designed to lift and tighten the skin, Ultherapy employs ultrasound technology to stimulate collagen production in the deeper skin layers. During an Ultherapy session, a handheld device is passed over the targeted area, emitting focused ultrasound energy at precise depths to initiate the body’s natural repair process.

Ultherapy offers a non-invasive option for neck rejuvenation with natural-looking results that can last up to a year or more, depending on individual circumstances. While it may not provide the dramatic change achievable through surgical means, it has the advantage of fewer side effects and minimal downtime.

Accent Prime

Accent Prime combines ultrasound and radiofrequency to yield noticeable results with reductions in individual treatment time and total treatment sessions. The ultrasound energy selectively targets fat cells, while the radiofrequency energy tightens the skin and stimulates new collagen growth.

Unlike other treatments that focus on surface-level improvements, Accent Prime works both on the skin's surface and the underlying layers for a more holistic effect. The procedure typically takes less than an hour and requires no downtime.

Choosing APS: Where Expertise Meets Individual Care

Selecting a neck rejuvenation procedure can feel like a daunting task, given the wealth of options available. Here at Asian Plastic Surgery, situated in Sydney, Australia, we are committed to making this choice not just easier but also more aligned with your specific needs and objectives.

Our team of specialist plastic surgeons work collaboratively, drawing on a rich background of expertise in serving the Asian community. During your initial consultation, we will perform a comprehensive evaluation of your neck anatomy, skin quality and other critical factors. This assessment lays the foundation for a personalised care plan that extends all the way from pre-treatment preparations to post-treatment follow-up.

We invite you to contact us and schedule a consultation to discuss the most appropriate neck rejuvenation procedures for you. With our patient-first approach, we aim to provide a trustworthy and reliable setting in which you can explore your aesthetic options.

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