Breast Implants vs Breast Fat Transfer For Asian Patients

Breast Implants vs Breast Fat Transfer For Asian Patients


Deciding to undergo breast augmentation surgery is the first of many decisions you’ll make throughout your surgical experience. Innovations in implant technologies and alternative augmentation techniques provide today’s patients with more opportunities to customise their breast enhancement procedure than have ever been possible before.

For Asian women, this high degree of personalisation can be especially beneficial. Not only does it help us tailor the surgery to the individual’s needs, but it also allows us to design the procedure with the unique anatomical considerations and aesthetic preferences of Asian patients in mind. This is what sets Asian Plastic Surgery apart.

One of the first choices you will encounter is breast implants vs breast fat transfer. What are the pros and cons of each? And which one might be right for you? Here are a few key considerations to help you make your decision.

Breast Implants May Be Better If...

You Want a Significant Size Increase

Are you hoping for a major volume increase or substantially enhanced cleavage? This look isn’t for everyone, but if it’s the aesthetic you prefer, breast implants may be the appropriate option. Silicone or saline implants can achieve a significant increase in overall volume, projection from the chest wall and upper pole fullness, even for petite patients. Fat transfer is usually limited to a size increase of one cup or less, and you must have enough excess fat to qualify in the first place.

You’re Very Slender

Although Asian women’s bodies come in all shapes and sizes, many are slim and small-framed with a low body mass index. Body type must be taken into consideration for fat transfer as it involves collecting excess fat from one part of the body and moving it into the breasts. You may not be a good candidate for this technique if your desired size increase requires more fat cells than you have to donate. Breast implants can give you a greater degree of enhancement even if you don’t have fat to spare, and the results can still be discreet.

You Want More Say in the Outcome

Breast implants offer the greatest flexibility and stable results. During the consultation process, you will choose the type, size, shape and profile of your implants, as well as the placement technique and the location of the incisions. A breast augmentation with implants can be customised extensively to suit your figure and preferences. Breast fat transfer does not allow for the same level of customisation, and also provides less predictable results. Some fat cells may not survive the procedure, and those that do will naturally grow or shrink if your weight fluctuates.

Fat Grafting May Be an Option If...

You’re Looking for a Modest Size Increase

Having worked with many Asian patients over the years, we’ve noticed that Asian women often aren’t looking to ‘go big’ with their breast augmentation. Instead, many prefer a small size increase that enhances their proportions, yet still suits their petite frame. If this sounds like the outcome you’re hoping for, fat grafting may be a suitable option. Women seeking a size increase of one cup or less are typically the best candidates for a fat transfer breast augmentation.

A Subtle Result Is Your Goal

Using your own fat to enhance your breasts means avoiding the complications that can accompany breast implants, as well as the possibility of your implants needing to be removed or replaced in the future. The results look and feel natural, because they are — no foreign materials of any kind are placed inside your body. And because the fat is administered into the breasts with injections, there is less scarring on the breasts than when implants are used. These aspects of fat grafting are often appealing to our Asian patients, as they tend to favour a natural look and Asian skin is more prone to keloid and hypertrophic scarring.

You Want Two Areas Addressed

Breast implants can have a big impact on your body shape, but only fat grafting can affect two areas at once. The procedure enhances your breasts while also slimming the areas we harvest the fat from, yielding new contours in both places simultaneously. Some of the most popular donor sites are the abdomen, flanks, hips and thighs. This means you get two areas of change without two periods of downtime, so you can return to your normal routine faster.

What If You Can’t Choose?

A hybrid breast augmentation combines fat transfer with a small implant to increase cleavage, address issues with symmetry or shape, soften the lower pole and smooth the transition between the implant and your natural tissue. This can be an option for patients who prefer a natural appearance and don’t want a conspicuous implant, but also want to increase their cup size by a degree that cannot be accomplished with fat grafting alone. 

Your Next Step

When it comes to breast augmentation, one procedure is not better than the other — it is merely a matter of choosing your preferred approach. Consulting a plastic surgeon who focuses on Asian procedures and being candid about your preferences can help you reach a sound decision. 

At Asian Plastic Surgery, we strive to educate prospective breast augmentation patients thoroughly so you can make informed choices about your care. Our team includes some of Sydney’s leading specialist plastic surgeons, who have extensive experience with Asian breast augmentation and a track record of results.

Please get in touch for more information regarding your options for Asian breast augmentation in Sydney. You may call us on +02 5104 9703 or fill out our enquiry form.

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