Benefits of Asian Eyelid Surgery

Benefits of Asian Eyelid Surgery


Asian eyelid surgery, also known as Asian blepharoplasty or double eyelid surgery, is a popular cosmetic procedure to create a crease in a ‘monolid’ or ‘single fold’ eyelid. In the past, this surgery has sometimes been described as a “Westernisation surgery,” but that label is both improper and short-sighted. 

The goal of Asian eyelid surgery is to address the patient’s aesthetic preferences while keeping their heritage and individuality in mind. This procedure delivers numerous benefits beyond the creation of an upper eyelid crease. If you are considering Asian blepharoplasty, these are some of the goals your surgery may be able to achieve:

Altered Eye Shape and Proportions

Asian eyelid anatomy is unique in many ways. Many Asians, particularly those of East Asian descent, lack the supratarsal fold that makes a double eyelid. In addition, Asian skin is thicker in comparison to other ethnicities, and the overall dimension of the Asian eye is relatively smaller than the face. 

Dividing the upper eyelid into two distinct segments can make the eyes appear larger, rounder and more open. 

A Different Facial Aesthetic

For all ethnicities, the eyelids naturally loosen and droop with age. This is because eyelid skin is thinner and more delicate than other areas, making it more prone to the forces of ageing, sun damage and gravity. Collagen depletion also contributes to the loss of skin elasticity.

Blepharoplasty removes excess tissue that may be weighing down the lid and obscuring the eye’s original shape and contour. Once the extra tissue is removed, the remaining skin is lifted and tightened to restore the eyes.

Improved Symmetry

Anatomical features that come in pairs are never exact mirrors of each other. In most cases, the differences are subtle enough that they do not attract attention. However, for some people, the asymmetry is prominent. In Asian patients, eyelid asymmetry can present as one eye with a crease and one without a crease.

Double eyelid surgery is an option for such patients. By creating a crease in the eye that lacks it, we can make the eyes appear more symmetrical.

The Appearance of Longer Lashes

A very low-set monolid can cover the lash line, making it appear that the patient has sparse eyelashes or none at all. In some cases, the heavy upper eyelid can push the lashes downward, causing irritation.

Asian double eyelid surgery can reveal the full length of the eyelashes. For some people, it may also reduce discomfort.

An Expanded Canvas for Makeup

A quick search on YouTube or Google will reveal countless tips for applying cosmetics to monolids. While we firmly believe that all eye shapes offer a unique beauty look, we understand that everyone has different aesthetic preferences.

By creating a crease and revealing more of the mobile lid, Asian eyelid surgery can offer more room for applying eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara.

Improved Field of Vision

For most patients, undergoing blepharoplasty surgery is a matter of aesthetic preference. For others, however, there are functional benefits to the procedure. Extremely heavy upper eyelids can prevent the eyes from opening fully and limit peripheral vision. 

Patients of any ethnicity experiencing these issues can benefit from eyelid surgery. The upper lid is lifted and excess tissue is removed to expand the line of sight. Patients often find that this also leads to greater comfort in their forehead, as they no longer have to raise their eyelids to see clearly.

Longer Results Than Nonsurgical Options

While there are now nonsurgical skin tightening and volumising treatments that can affect the appearance of the eyes, they are limited to temporary improvements. Asian eyelid surgery provides far more durable results and achieves outcomes that nonsurgical treatments cannot. Although no surgery can stop the skin from ageing, results from double eyelid surgery can last years.

There are two primary techniques for performing Asian eyelid surgery. One offers permanent results and typically cannot be reversed. The other may be reversible in some cases if the patient wishes to re-create monolids.

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